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Getting About makes travel easier in Kinson

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If you travel to Kinson you can expect easier and safer walking and cycling facilities thanks to Bournemouth Borough Council’s Getting About initiative.

New crossings, cycle lanes, shared footways, and improved lighting are a number of improvements that have recently been implemented in and around the Kinson area. 

People choosing to travel by bike and on foot will now benefit from:

  •  A new 1.3km shared cycle path on Ringwood Road between Bear Cross and Poole  Lane
  •  a new toucan crossing on Wimborne Road to the east of Bear Cross Roundabout
  •  improved pedestrian and cycle links on Quayle Drive and Roundhaye Road
  •  a new shared footway and cycle link, and an improved pedestrian island at the junction of Turbary Park Avenue and Poole Lane, and
  •  a new puffin crossing opposite Turbary Park Day Centre

Councillor Michael Filer, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “I am delighted to see residents in Kinson already making use of these new facilities. These improvements will provide residents and commuters who wish to walk or cycle with better and safer access to nearby shops, schools and workplaces. 

“As part of the Council’s Getting About initiative we want to make it easier, safer and more attractive for those who wish to cycle, walk and use public transport.”

The improvement works in Kinson compliment the Cycle Way currently being built along Ringwood Road, to be completed at the end of February.

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