Slades Farm

Green Spaces

Situated in close proximity to Wallisdown, Slades Farm stands as a multifaceted recreational gem that caters to a diverse range of interests. This community-centric space is celebrated for its inclusive amenities, most notably the dog park and skate park facilities.

The dog park at Slades Farm offers a dedicated space for canine companions to frolic and socialize. With ample room to run, play, and interact with fellow four-legged friends, it fosters a sense of community among dog owners and provides a safe environment for dogs to exercise and have fun.

Adjacent to the dog park, the skate park adds an energetic pulse to the area. Skaters of all skill levels converge here to showcase their talents, learn new tricks, and revel in the thrill of skateboarding. This vibrant hub not only cultivates a sense of camaraderie among skating enthusiasts but also offers a dynamic recreational outlet for youth and adults alike.

Beyond its specific features, Slades Farm embodies the spirit of community engagement. Its verdant expanses invite individuals and families to engage in picnics, relaxation, and outdoor activities, further fostering a sense of togetherness.

Incorporating spaces for both furry friends and skate enthusiasts, Slades Farm epitomizes the idea of a holistic community space that caters to diverse interests, promoting an active and engaged lifestyle for residents and visitors from Wallisdown and beyond.

There is a car park off Ensbury Avenue. 


  • Slades Farm Car Park
  • Dorset
  • BH10 4BU