Alder Hills Nature Reserve

Green Spaces

Alder Hills Nature Reserve, Wallisdown in Poole, is a serene haven that offers a tranquil escape from urban life. Spread across lush acres, this enchanting sanctuary presents a harmonious blend of natural beauty and biodiversity.

The reserve's diverse ecosystems, including woodlands, wetlands, and meadows, provide a safe haven for a wide array of plant and animal species. Visitors can explore winding trails that wind through picturesque landscapes, allowing for birdwatching, leisurely strolls, and immersive experiences with nature.

Alder Hills Nature Reserve not only serves as a recreational retreat but also plays a crucial role in environmental conservation and education. It stands as a living classroom where visitors can learn about local flora and fauna, as well as the significance of preserving natural habitats.

Its close proximity to the Wallisdown area makes it a convenient escape for residents and students from nearby institutions. Whether seeking solace in nature, embarking on an educational journey, or simply unwinding amidst serene surroundings, Alder Hills Nature Reserve stands as a testament to the beauty and importance of preserving pockets of wilderness within an urban landscape.

The easiest access to Alder Hills Nature Reserve is from the Sainsburys car park.


  • Alder Rd
  • Dorset
  • BH12 4BA